Red Diesel Photography is all about families.

Family means everything to us and that’s why we do what we do. We believe in capturing pure, authentic and raw moments as they happen. Each family is unique and we all have thousands of stories to tell.

Equally important is our believe that the most perfect moments happen when they aren’t staged or posed, they just are. These moments tell your stories in the most authentic way and speak louder than any words can.

In fact, we are a husband and wife team living in Calgary with our three kids and our loving dog named Alice. Our love of travel has taken us many places with our family and we are forever grateful for living so close to one of the most beautiful places in the world. As a result our images represent Calgary family life in the rockies.

Seeing as our love of family is at the core of our business we believe that everything starts and ends with family. This is where our hearts belong. For these reasons we are a photography business dedicated to families in the Calgary and surrounding area.

Once in a while we witness moments that leave us breathless. Sometimes we are even left speechless by a families intimate hug or smile. It’s these little moments that tell a story. Let us be there to capture your families story.

“Pictures are a return ticket to moments passed” ~ Red Diesel Photography



A walk in the park or maybe even an evening out getting ice cream? We capture moments as they happen in and around Calgary.


Capturing a person's most intimate self through portrait photography. This type of photography has a way of returning to a moments passed.

Travel Sessions

We love to travel with our family and if you do too let us know. We'd love to be there to capture your time with those closest to you.